Autostart Enpass 6 on i3

I am a happy user of the Enpass Password Manager. However, their Linux support is somewhat limited when it comes to more obscure window managers besides KDE/Gnome/Unity/Mate, that is, in my case, i3.

After yesterday’s big upgrade of Enpass 6 i had problems with starting Enpass minimized as a systray icon. The old Enpass 5 had a startWithTray option, which Enpass 6 doesn’t seem to offer. However, after examining the autostart script it creates when one checks the “Start automatically at boot” checkbox in the UI, i have created my own autostart script which is then executed by i3 on startup. It works great, besides having the main window flash on my screen shortly for some milliseconds, but i can live with that.

if [ -f /opt/enpass/Enpass ] then 
/opt/enpass/Enpass -minimize 
exit 1
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