Fixing periodically restarting Wifi connection on Ubiquiti networks

I am using wireless network gear made by Ubiquiti in my home network. It worked very well until recently. After a recent controller update i have noticed an issue where all wifi clients will periodically drop their connection and reconnect instantly. This was very annoying, especially in situations where low latency is desired, e.g. streaming or gaming. I have investigated this issue, and made the following discovery: In a recent update a feature was activated where the access point was configured to periodically check its uplink to the controller and the internet. I suppose this is suitable for big network setups, so that dead APs will drop their clients, so that the clients can roam to the next working AP. However, this is unsuitable for small home setups, where only a single AP is available.
Plus: I am using two quite long unshielded ethernet cables, and these cables increase the general RTT between the connected wired devices, so that the RTT between the AP and the controller was almost always right at the threshold on which the AP decides that its uplink is dead, but only for a second or so. This caused frequent client disconnects and instant reconnects.

So, if you have the same issue and it just appeared somewhen between christmas and now, check your controller settings for “Check device connectivity” or similar. Disabling this feature should “fix” your wifi and make it reliable again.

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