i3: Electron apps and chromium freezing

I have recently had an annoying bug, affecting electron applications (and Chrome/Chromium itself) on an i3 Linux desktop. Sometimes they freeze up, and do not show any UI updates, or just show a black window at all. Nevertheless, they seem to work, but you do not see any UI changes. The only way to stop them doing this is killing the process and restarting the application - until the next freeze.

After some debugging, and examining the list of installed packages on a host which had this problem, and on a host which did not have this problem, i determined the xf86-video-intel package as a potential culprit. After i removed it from an affected host, this bug seems to be gone as well.

Please be advised that you maybe need to modify your X11 config after removing this package. If there are any occurences in there, which causes X11 to use this driver as the primary video driver, and you just remove the package, this will cause your X11 to not start anymore.

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