Apparently this is the first post of my most recent attempt to create a blog. Some of you might still know my old blog, filled with personal and tech content, which was scrambled up by trying to migrate its content between several blogging platforms.

This attempt aims to be a bit more professional. Maybe. Maybe not, because i still like to tinker around, so expect this blog to break, be abandoned, or simply be deleted sometime.

However, i’ll try to focus on topics of broader interest. Reports about personal projects, findings i made while doing my job (which is, generally speaking, “something with DevOps”), or whatnot.

Those of you who may know me already are aware that i am also present on other, so called, social media platforms. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, GitHub, Twitch. But not Facebook. I hate Facebook. Anyways, maybe i will paste the links to the various profile pages here soon, so make sure you leave a comment and subscribe check it out sometime, if you like.

So, welcome aboard, let’s see how this little experiment will turn out :)