We are the chosen ones, for we have chosen ourselves

Gerade in der Soup gefunden. Ich fands genial.

We drift from block to block, from city to city, traversing con­ti­nents and timezones. We live in cheap hostels, tiny flats and abandoned structures, scavenging the leftovers of a fallen industrial society.

We speak many tongues, but one lan­guage. We smell riots long before they happen, and sense wireless hotspots. We distrust all that claim to lead us, and fear those who pretend to protect us.

We inhabit new worlds inside and outside our heads our ancestors didn’t dare to dream about. We are leaving their dreams of material wealth behind and spin new ones of liberty and life and happiness.

We hate those who demand respect without earning it. We phase in and out of different realities and change our personae like underwear. We are digital conquistadors, exploring the strange new plane that produced us.

We consider gender, skin color and spiritual alignment as accessoires we can wear, not as defining aspects of ourselves. We disregard nations, for we are children of the city and the river.

We are born as the slaves of a dying time, struggling to get free.

We are the chosen ones, for we have chosen ourselves.
We are the new.

Der Urheber scheint @kewagi zu sein.

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